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Why Bob

A voice for all of Ridgefield

Bob is a long time resident who loves his town and cares about its future. He is a non-partisan leader dedicated to family, community and public service. As a two term Selectman and former Chairman of the Ridgefield Housing Authority, he has a demonstrated track record of accomplishments benefiting residents, businesses and the most vulnerable in our community.

As a successful business executive, Bob will bring his wisdom and experience to Hartford to shield our town from government overreach. He will continue to cross the aisle to work for the good of our town, protecting Ridgefield, parents, children and schools.


All Ridgefielders deserve to be heard and represented. As State Representative, Bob will be a voice for ALL of Ridgefield. Bob has proven that he has the vision, experience and integrity to fight for our town, our state and our way if life in Connecticut’s 11th District.

Why Now

Bob is a veteran who has served his country with honor and distinction.
Now he is ready to defend our values in

Ridgefield, and Fairfield County more broadly, has been under a relentless barrage of bills from Hartford trying to push failed big city policies on quaint towns like ours. Hartford would like to remove all local control and dictate how Ridgefield should be run. Bob is a true representative of our town and has the political will to stand up to Hartford and fight for Ridgefield .


As our State Representative, Bob will take on government overreach, skyrocketing taxes, legislated overdevelopment and state mandates. He will stand up to protect parental rights and fight for small businesses, less regulations, lower taxes and livability.


Now more than ever, Ridgefield needs a pragmatic voice of common sense, a disciplined fiscal decision maker and a representative who will protect our local interests from Hartford's intrusion and preserve Ridgefield’s character.  Bob will fight for our town, our state and our way of life!

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