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Make Living in Connecticut
More Affordable

I will work to make Connecticut a more prosperous and affordable place to live, work, raise a family and retire. Connecticut ranks second in the nation for having the most burdensome state and local taxes. In addition to dealing with high gas prices and record high inflation, Connecticut residents are also faced with two new tax increases which further increased the costs of goods and services. First, the state diesel fuel tax which took effect on July 1, 2022. Second, a highway use tax on large commercial trucks which takes effect in January 2023. 


As your state representative, I will seek immediate relief by working to significantly reduce, if not eliminate, new taxes. I will also support policies and legislation that lower the tax burden on families and seniors and ensure that small businesses receive the necessary support so that they can continue to be an integral part of our community.

Protect Students and
Support Parents

One of the most important things we can give our children is a good education in a safe environment. To accomplish this, we need to address pandemic related learning loss by strengthening the focus on the core curriculum while also providing necessary academic and mental health support services to students.


We also need to support the rights of parents so that they can play an active role in their child’s education and healthcare.  It is imperative to support local control over our curriculum and remove state mandates on our school system.  Doing this will give back control to our town’s school boards and will enable parents to make decisions about what their child is taught in the classroom.


As your state representative, I will support parental rights, I will fight for local decision making with parental involvement and I will be a voice for our children.

Defend Local Control

Decisions on what is best for Ridgefield and its residents should come from locally elected representatives who understand the needs of our town. Not from Hartford or special interest groups who focus on their own agenda including taxation, planning and zoning and forced school regionalization.  

As your state representative, I will oppose any legislation that further erodes local control.  I will stand firm against Hartford’s relentless intrusion into our town mandating what and where we can and cannot build.  I will be a voice for all residents and ensure their interests are represented and heard.  I will fight for smart development - not legislated overdevelopment.

Security and Town Policing

One of the most fundamental functions of government is protecting the safety and well-being of our citizens.  Connecticut’s laws prioritize criminals over law-abiding citizens and victims.  As a result, families feel less and less safe as crime continues to spike.


A safer Connecticut starts with a stronger Connecticut.  We need an economy that can support jobs and creates a path to success for young people so they don’t turn to crime.  We need proactive policing where law enforcement is given the tools and resources to prevent crime and where they work with the community to reduce crime.  


There must also be justice system reform to ensure there are appropriate consequences for repeat offenders and tools to successfully rehabilitate them.  A safer community also includes strengthening our focus on drug use prevention, education and dedicating more resources to our schools so that parents can be confident that their children are safe when they are in school.


As your state representative, the safety of our students and our community will be my top priority. 

Support Local Economy

Local businesses suffered greatly during the pandemic. They continue to face challenges as a result of increased costs of doing business and a labor shortage.  We need to create an environment where our local businesses can grow and thrive.  We need to reduce the regulatory and tax burden on businesses and promote job growth.


As your state representative, I will draw upon my business experience to foster a business environment that provides regulatory relief and businesses can grow and thrive.

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