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Campaign Updates

Ridgefield Affordable Housing Plan

Ridgefield is a historic town, with both cultural and natural resources. It combines quaint residential


As a candidate for public office in the State of Connecticut, I, Robert Hebert pledge my support of local planning and zoning commissions to appropriately decide
land use policies and related regulations.

Spotlight on Safety

We have seen a dramatic rise in crime and violence across the country as well as in Connecticut. Last week, we learned about the senseless ambush of two Bristol Police Officers. Unfortunately, this was not the first such case. As of September 27, there have been 49 officers killed in the US this year. While Ridgefield is still one of the safest communities in the United States, it has also seen an uptick in crime including an increase in stolen cars, catalytic converters and domestic violence.

Spotlight on Local Control

There is no doubt about it, decisions on what is best for the Town of Ridgefield and its residents should come from locally elected representatives who understand the needs of our town. Unfortunately, Democrats like Aimee Berger-Girvalo believe Hartford knows how to can run Ridgefield best.

Spotlight on Education

Protecting our children and ensuring a solid education are among our most sacred responsibilities.
I stand with parents and proudly signed the Parental Pledge in which I promise to honor the fundamental rights of parents including the right to direct the education, medical care and moral upbringings of their children. I pledge to advance policies that strengthen parental involvement, increase transparency and push back against government overreach.

Spotlight on Affordability

Connecticut has long been one of the most expensive states in which to live and raise a family. We have the highest electrical prices in the continental U.S. and rank second in the nation for having the most burdensome state and local taxes. Tax policies have overburdened our state’s businesses, who in turn have passed costs onto consumers to remain viable. Despite Democrat claims that the $660 million in tax cuts provided in the 2022 budget adjustment is the largest in history, overall, this pales in comparison to the massive tax increases passed over the last decade.

Ridgefield Letter: Vote for Bob Hebert. He shows up. (

Bob Hebert won't waste our tax dollars (

LWV Hebert 9.27.22

9/27/22 CT State Legislators Candidates' Forum

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