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Bob's Vision

I am eager to take on the issues that are most concerning to Ridgefield residents, including increased unemployment, skyrocketing taxes, plummeting property values, and harmful state mandates. To ensure a thriving economy, I’ll fight for the survival of small businesses, less onerous regulations, and lower taxes. 


At one time, Connecticut was considered “the insurance capital of the world” and home to world-class financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies. We also had a thriving manufacturing and machine tools industry, which provided good blue collar jobs and opportunities for new immigrants. Years later, ever-expanding damaging policies and burdensome taxes have chased these assets from our state.  My vision for a brighter future in Ridgefield focuses on expanded opportunities and economic prosperity, contributing to a Connecticut that will once again attract businesses, industry, recent college graduates, and new residents.  


As a Selectman for the past five years, and previously as chairman of the Ridgefield Housing Authority, I have a proven track record of accomplishments benefitting residents, businesses, and the most vulnerable in our community by fostering working relationships with others built on mutual respect.


I believe in the American Dream and a brighter future achieved through dedication, sacrifice, and hard work.


Thank you.



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