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Bob Hebert
for State Representative

A Common Sense Voice
for Ridgefield

Endorsement Letter From
Former State Representative
John Frey

It was my great honor to serve as Ridgefield’s voice in Hartford for 22 years as state
Ridgefield was promised many things two years ago by a largely inexperienced candidate. 
Before first taking office, I met with all of my predecessors.  Some of the best advice came
from Barbara Ireland, a Democrat who served in the 1990s.  She very strongly suggested
that it was important for a Ridgefield representative to serve on one of the two ‘money’
committees.  I took that advice and served 22 years on the Finance Committee where I was
– in addition to fighting against tax increases – fought for bonding resources.  Barbara
served on the budget writing Appropriations Committee. For the first time in at least 4
decades, Ridgefield doesn’t have a voice on one of these two committees.  I can’t help
wondering if we had a seat at the table, would we have not lost nearly $300k in special
education aid?
I belonged to a Fairfield County Caucus and a caucus made up of Council of Small Towns
representatives.  We worked across party lines on a variety of issues including home rule,
taxes, transportation, etc. My votes mirrored those of the officials from Simsbury, Brookfield,
Newtown, Wilton, Darien, Fairfield, and Greenwich.  The current representative has voted
99% with legislators from Bridgeport, Stamford, West Haven and Meriden.   I would suggest
that naturally, their constituents’ needs aren’t always similar to ours. Instead of addressing
the needs of Ridgefield voters, she concentrated on liberal ideology and pet public policies
that delivered little to nothing of value to Ridgefield.
Lastly, I continue to field many calls from my neighbors seeking help with issues that I dealt
with as state representative. While I’m happy to continue to do so, it would suggest possibly
something is falling through the cracks.  I recently met with a town department head who
couldn’t name our state representative – an individual with who I had annual contact on
Hartford issues.  I was dumbfounded.
I have known Bob Hebert for over 20 years. He has lived in Ridgefield and raised his family
here for over 42 years.  You have elected and reelected him to Ridgefield’s Board of
Selectmen where he has served with distinction for 7 years.
When Ridgefield held public hearings on marijuana, he and Ridgefield’s first selectmen
were the only ones on the board to attend each and every public hearing.  He also attended
the Affordable Housing Committee’s public hearings and was a vocal participant.  He listens
to the people of Ridgefield.
During Covid, Bob mobilized a group to raise funds to offer support to local restaurants and
businesses that were suffering from reduced income. Not for any glory, but to fill a need. 
That's Bob.
Ridgefield needs that kind of courage, to stand up and be counted … to be Ridgefield’s
common-sense vote in Hartford. 
Bob will not simply go along to get along.  He is not seeking to be an ideologue but a
legislator with empathy being the voice of Ridgefield.


That’s a tall order.  I know from personal experience having fought for Ridgefield in Hartford
for over 22 years.  There are very few people I know in whom I have the confidence to
stand strong for Ridgefield in the face of politicos from around the State who are beholden
to special interests.  Bob Hebert is one of those very few.  That is why I am so enthusiastic
about him, his willingness to serve and his unique qualifications and extensive experience
to be Ridgefield’s next State representative in Hartford.  Please join me in voting for Bob
Hebert for State Representative on November 8. 
Thank you!
John Frey
State Representative

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